Sunday, October 13, 2013

Tournament Results And Some VASSALfaux

So yesterday was the Atomic Empire Malifaux 2.0 Tournament up in Durham, NC, which was huge fun. Thanks to @CrouchingMoose for putting that together! 40ss, Wave 1 only; I took Rasputina since she's the only Master I had any idea how to play (and was excited to use new models for) that I owned, so... yup!

I got my first (in which I suspect many will follow) Grudge Match in with @sassylady1970, Rasputina vs. Sonnia Criid. Complete rematch from my first game with her on VASSALfaux earlier that week; Rasputina ([1]Child of December, [1]Cold Nights, [2]December's Pawn upgrades), [10+1] Ice Golem ([1]Sub Zero upgrade), [3]Wendigo, [7]December's Acolyte, and 3x [4]Ice Gamin. Literally every model I had on the board besides Rasputina died that game, and I lost by ONE point, yet again! But at least Rasputina killed Sonnia with 6 casts of December's Curse again (although we figured out after the game that Sonnias' Counterspell trigger should have gone off, because we read it wrong), which is always fun!

My second game versus @abraxus04 I took no cache, ditched Child of December and took an extra Gamin because I was up against Von Schill and Hans, and I assumed another body would be beneficial. It turned out not, but the extra Cache wouldn't have been, either, so... eh. I actually lost this game in deployment, @abraxus04 flipped a 13 to my 3 and had me deploy first, which meant that I couldn't have my December's Acolyte deploy with From the Shadows nearish to Hans, which would have been the only way to do anything about him at all. Everything besides Rasputina on my field was dead by the outset of Turn 4, however she took no damage the entire game, and I don't think I killed anything besides a Freikorps guy with my December's Acolytes' (1) Harpoon Gun, which basically skewered it through the head or something (which was cool). Everything went downhill from deployment though; Turn 1 Hans Focused his (1) Sniper Rifle, got his Armor Piercing trigger off, and blew half my Ice Golem into so much particulated slurry. Which was equal parts cool and terrifying. (Did I mention this happened on Turn 1?)

So after that game we decided to call the tournament done (@sassylady1970 and @abraxus04 had to get back to their kids shortly) and totaled up the winner (@CrouchingMoose, the nerve, winning his own tournament! :p) and second place, which went to @abraxus04. I took last place, and as such won the Wooden Spoon award... And I actually had the most Achievement Points of the four of us, so I won a Miss Step for that too! Yay, I now have a Mr and Mrs Howard Langston!


Today I had a great VASSALfaux game with @Gorbad13. Since he was taking Arcanists,  I decided to dip into another Faction I wouldn't have considered a year ago: The Guild. They never really interested me that much, their fluff felt a tad bland to me while looking like it could "go the distance" with a bit more work done... And Wyrd didn't disappoint. Oh man.

And it doesn't hurt that Lady J is pretty forgiving to new players (at least at 50ss). Ended up winning the game 10 to 7 VP, and kinda-sorta-basically just... Ate Colette and all her little friends (some of them wilfully blew up though... Colette hua ackbar?). I really, really like Lady J, especially teamed with The Lone Marshal and Scales of Justice. in 7 turns I got her from the edge of my deployment, across to the middle of his deployment, and back across to the middle of my deployment. Oh, and I killed several things en route.


After all 4 games I've played in M2E so far, I've come to the conclusion that Arcanists are Glass Cannons. They have humongous potential for damage, but they're basically up in flames if you squint at them funny, because half the models these days either ignore armor or just dump a truckload of damage on you all at once, thus negating your armor in the first place. Rasputina and Colette from a Crew perspective seem to work better on boards with a helluva lot of Ht3+ terrain that allow their movement / casting tricks to operate at peak efficiency in regards to personal safety. Having not seen any other Arcanists play yet I cannot attest to how they work in relation to these two...

Hans is kind of a humongous pain to deal with, and if he deploys second against a mid-range or melee crew, unless there's a nice, cramped board in his way you're essentially toast. Von Schill isn't bad if you can get enough triggers off, I suppose. But you need to get triggers off...

Well, I'm off. Here's hoping I can rope somebody in for another VASSALfaux game or two this week!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Metal Ronin, Greenstuff blouse extension
Gun Viktoria
(Note: all pictures above are of unfinished models.)

    Crappy metal Rasputina Crew
Howard Langston

In Which I Become a Real Malifaux Player

On Saturday the 12th of October I will be participating in my first-ever Malifaux tournament, and my first-ever set of IRL Malifaux games! I'm rather excited.

@sassylady1970 on the Twitters has kindly invited me up to Durham, NC on the 12th to participate in this Wave 1 tournament, and she has also taken it upon herself to teach me how to actually play this game on the Vassals. My first 2.0 Vassal game ended 6:5, with me losing. But I did do a couple really fun things with my Crew before the end!

1) I learned the usefulness of the "December's Pawn" upgrade card. It allowed me to get off a total of 6 casts of "December's Curse" on Sonnia Criid; Sonnia attacked Rasputina and brought her down to one wound, then decided to move off to focus on objectives. During the draw step of that turn I had drawn the Black Joker (which December's Pawn lets Rasputina count as a Red Joker!), and during the draw step of turn 4 I stoned 2 cards and pulled the Red Joker and an 11 Mask. With that, I knew exactly what I was going to do to that pesky Sonnia Criid! I'll teach her not to leave a job unfinished!

Bam! I cast December's Curse, cheated in the Black Joker (now counted as a Red Joker), called the Mask suit, got Overload off. Then I repeated that twice each with the REAL Red Joker and my high Mask. THAT WAS SO FUN HOLY CRAP. I probably could have stopped @sassylady1970 from achieving more VPs if I'd done three separate double-casts and killed 3 separate models, but Rasputina wanted REVENGE!

2) I learned how oddly mobile Gamin and the Winnebago (Wendigo) are, especially when interacting with the Ice Golem. Angry Furball Delivery system, thanks? And now I can't wait until Snow Storm gets rules, because crazy mobility just sounds amazing.

So Ice Gamin and the Ice Golem have the same speed, which means I can walk them around in a nice, large, armored convoy and have them demolish the opponents' pretty little models, then on Turn 4 I can Toss my gamin to different places to cap or place scheme markers on Turn 5. Which is amazing.

But anyways, I'm still rather nooby in terms of gameplay and mechanical knowledge of Malifaux at large. These games on Saturday will still be within my first 10 games of Malifaux ever, and I've only played once outside of M2e, so... yeah! My goal is to take 3rd-to-last place by storm. Wish me luck!